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North America

The USA represents the ultimate holiday package - a vibrant collection of experiences, events, scenery, landmarks, cities, culture and people that even the most experienced traveller will never forget. There's no need to compromise on your next big trip - this vast nation has something for every taste, age and style. Plotting your course to take in the best and most diverse selection of attractions is no easy challenge, so let us be your guide.

It's a country that can't be described easily or with often used terms, not just because it is so large and diverse, but because so much of it is unique in the world. This is a land of distinction and dramatic diversity, home to some of the world's most iconic and exciting cities, unforgettable frontiers, breathtaking scenery and charismatic people.

The United States of America is home to an enormous number of natural and man-made attractions, many of which are entirely unique to this corner of the globe. Visit the real home of the 'old west' in Las Vegas - an intriguing blend of awe-inspiring sights from the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon to the chaotic colour of the casinos. Marvel at the architectural ingenuity of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cruise along Florida's Key's amazingly low coastline where at times it seems the road is one with the surrounding water. Be enchanted by the 'deep south' heritage of New Orleans. And of course, you'll never forget a visit to the world's second largest city and biggest 'people zoo' - New York.

Those keen on experiencing the best of the natural world will love the opportunity to sight a bear in Yellowstone National Park, brave the rapids on a Colorado River rafting trip or hike to the panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. The breathtaking scenery of the US i.e. captivating coastlines, amazing desert plains and lush forest fringing lazy southern rivers provide compelling reasons why so many filmmakers fell in love with the country in the first place.

Though famous as a fast food mecca, there is much more to the nation's gastronomic offerings. From traditional American dishes such as meatloaf and apple pie through to every exotic cuisine under the sun, no-one will ever go hungry at the table of Uncle Sam. Save your appetite for a traditional two-hand sourdough sandwich in San Francisco, a street-side hot dog in New York and a deliciously decadent slice of coconut cream pie in Memphis.

USA is famous all around the World for its vibrant and amazing Night Life and entertainment activities. Las Vegas, Miami, New York are some of the top night life hotspots in North America.

Love shopping? The USA will ably support your habit and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised by the prices. You'll love the designer clothes scene on America's west coast and even window shopping is sheer joy on Beverly Hills' renowned Rodeo Drive, where famous faces are almost as common as Prada sunglasses. In New York, head for the Garment District for sensational bargains at the outlet stores or for something more unique, check out Greenwich Village and SoHo. It’s Shopper Paradise.

Some of the Top tourist regions and cities in North America are Islands of Hawaii, Florida, California, New York, Las Vegas, Niagara and Washington DC.

Whatever and wherever you choose for your US experience, you will be struck by the sheer diversity of possibilities and you'll find it easy to plan a trip with a little bit of something special for everyone - from the family-oriented theme parks of the east and west coasts, to the adults-only enclave of Vegas or from heady urban metropolises to some of the most remote and unique landscape in the world. America is full of excitement.

So come and explore!!!

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