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Mexico is a country steeped in the stone of its ancient civilizations and the raised fist of revolution and struggle, yet it offers so much more. Mexico jumps with a spicy energy all its own, from its mariachi music and lucha libre wrestling culture, to its fiestas that celebrate the living, and the dead! This is a country that defiantly dances to the beat of its own cultural rhythm, a rhythm so infectious it has been embraced the world over.

Mexico is the seventh most popular tourist destination in the world, but don't let that put you off. With almost ten thousand kilometres of coastline, vast and varied wilderness areas, and a major metropolis of over nineteen million people, there are plenty of opportunities for travellers to lose themselves. Explore the steamy forests and ruins of Yucatan, mountain bike though the Copper Canyon, kayak among the grey whales of Baja, or abandon yourself to the sweaty beats of Cancun's dance floors. To be 'South of the Border' has always been synonymous with freedom!

Destinations like Acapulco, Tijuana and Guadalajara have been favourites with travellers for decades, but step off the old tourist trail and you'll find that'undiscovered Mexico' is never far away. Kick back with a few amigos at a roof top bar as the red sun sets over colonial Morella, float through the cloud forests of Oaxaca, or throw yourself into the ecological and community-based tourism ventures that are mushrooming across the country.

Mexico's culinary heritage dates back to the kitchens of the Aztecs and has evolved into one of the world's most dynamic and popular cuisines. From five star fusion to home cooked street food, from Tamales to Quesadillas, it's all waiting to be washed down by the most lip-smacking cerveza on the planet.

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