Destination - Egypt


Although famed as the cradle of civilization, Egypt is also one of the world's oldest vacation spots. For 3,000 years people have flocked here to enjoy the year-round sunshine, warm hospitality, incredible value for money and convenient proximity to Europe. The country's biggest attractions are the astounding temples and relics of Egyptian antiquity. The pyramids of Giza are still magnificent thousands of years on from construction, and even though its nose is out of joint, the inscrutable Sphinx retains its beguiling quality. Although looted by grave robbers and over-zealous archaeologists over the centuries, the wealth of treasures rescued from the pyramids and exhibited in Cairo's spectacular Museum of Antiquities is one of the most important collections of ancient artifacts on earth.

Egyptian life has always centered on the Nile, the source of life and irrigation the vast majority of the population. Today feluccas (traditional dhows) offer short pleasure trips from Cairo while cruise ships travel between Luxor and Aswan, allowing visitors to spectate on the peaceful rhythms of traditional Egyptian life. Quite simply Egypt is a spellbinding destination offering visitors a spectacular portfolio of sights and sounds ranging from the ancient splendour of the temples to the contemporary pleasures of diving and cruising.

Popular Cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Hurgada

Suggested Itinerary

Welcome to Egypt the land of the Pharaohs. On arrival at Cairo International Airport, our local representative will welcome you and take you to your hotel.

Recommended accommodation in Egypt


The Mena House Oberoi is one of the most unique hotels in Cairo, with its own rich and colourful history.


Set among charming villas in Cairo's oldest district, The full-service luxury hotel provides an elegant refuge from the clamour of the city streets.


Sharm El Sheik exudes authentic culture and ancient traditions while being an exciting city to visit and explore in Egypt.